Our strategy

Our strategy is designed to create sustainable economic value for our customers and our shareholders. It is focused on three long-term opportunities:

  • The significant protection gap in Asia;
  • The transition of US baby boomers into retirement; and
  • The UK ‘savings gap’ and ageing population in need of returns and income.

Focus on customers & distribution

We believe that in order to do well for our shareholders we must first do good for our customers. Hence, customers are at the centre of our operating principles.

Our products are designed to provide peace of mind to our customers, whether that be in relation to saving for retirement, or insuring against the risks of illness or death. Satisfied customers are a key driver of our growth as they become our advocates, recommending our products and services to their friends and families.

Distribution plays a key role in our ability to reach, attract and retain these valued customers across our regions. Building out and diversifying our distribution platform in order to reach a growing customer base will help ensure that we fully capitalise on the opportunities available to us in each of our regions.

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