Our strategy

Our strategy is designed to create sustainable economic value for our customers and our shareholders. It is focused on three long-term opportunities:

  • The significant protection gap in Asia;
  • The transition of US baby boomers into retirement; and
  • The UK ‘savings gap’ and ageing population in need of returns and income.

Disciplined capital allocation

We rigorously allocate capital to the highest-return product and geographical locations with the shortest payback periods, in line with our risk appetite. This has had a positive and significant impact, so that over the last five years, new business capital investment has declined by 6 per cent, while new business profits have increased by 77 per cent.

This has, in turn, transformed the capital dynamics of our Group: for example, the free capital generated from our existing life and asset management operations reached £3.1 billion in 2013 compared to £2.1 billion five years ago. This transformation enabled our business operation to remit £1,341 million to the Group, nearly double the level of remittance five years ago.

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