How our business works

We provide protection and savings opportunities to our customers, social and economic benefits to the communities in which we operate, jobs and opportunities to our employees, and financial benefits for our investors. By offering security, pooling savings and making investments, we help to drive the cycle of growth.

What we do and how we do it

Life insurance

Prudential provides savings, protection and retirement products, which offer security for individuals and benefit societies

Asset management

Prudential helps customers to grow and protect their savings and investments


Operate in markets with suitable demographics and opportunities

Operate in suitable markets and identify investment opportunities with attractive risk-return profile


Design products that meet our customers’ savings and protection needs

Offer valued and innovative products underpinned by good investment performance

Brands and distribution

Develop trusted brands and effective distribution channels that enable us to better understand and service customers’ savings and protection needs

Trusted brands, market span and strong distribution links help us to attract new monies and retain existing assets


Invest customers’ savings in a way that reflects their personal needs and risk tolerance. Provide financial protection to customers for adverse events

Generate valuable returns for our customers through good investment performance

Open more detail on customers Leverage asset management


Generate value for shareholders through being rewarded for managing customer savings and through insurance profits from the protection given to policyholders

Generate value for shareholders through fee income from managing growing funds under management

Delivering for our stakeholders

We create financial benefits for our investors and deliver economic and social benefits for our customers, employees and societies in which we operate


Providing financial security and wealth creation

life customers


Growing dividends and share price performance enhances shareholder value

total shareholder return1 achieved in 2013


Providing an environment with equal opportunities, career potential and reward means that we have the best people to deliver our strategy

employees worldwide


Supporting societies where we operate, through investment in business and infrastructure, tax revenues and community support activities

total community investment spend


  1. Total shareholder return represents the growth in the value of a share plus the value of dividends paid, assuming that the dividends are reinvested in the Company’s shares on the ex-dividend date.
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