Consolidated statement of comprehensive income

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Year ended 31 December Note 2013 £m 2012* £m

* The Group has adopted new accounting standards on consolidated financial statements and joint arrangements, and amendments to the employee benefits accounting standard, from 1 January 2013, as described in note A2. Accordingly, the 2012 comparative results and related notes have been adjusted retrospectively from those previously published.

Profit for the year   1,346 2,163
Other comprehensive (loss) income:      
Items that may be reclassified subsequently to profit or loss      
Exchange movements on foreign operations and net investment hedges:      
Exchange movements arising during the year A1 (255) (214)
Related tax   (2)
    (255) (216)
Net unrealised valuation movements on securities of US insurance operations classified as available-for-sale:      
Net unrealised holding (losses) gains arising during the year   (2,025) 930
Net gains included in the income statement on disposal and impairment   (64) (68)
Total C3.3 (2,089) 862
Related change in amortisation of deferred acquisition costs C5.1(b) 498 (270)
Related tax   557 (205)
    (1,034) 387
Total   (1,289) 171
Items that will not be reclassified to profit or loss      
Shareholders’ share of actuarial and other gains and losses on defined benefit pension schemes:      
Gross   (62) 45
Related tax   14 (11)
    (48) 34
Other comprehensive (loss) income for the year, net of related tax   (1,337) 205
Total comprehensive income for the year   9 2,368
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