Our strategy

Our strategy is designed to create sustainable economic value for our customers and our shareholders. It is focused on three long-term opportunities:

  • The significant protection gap in Asia;
  • The transition of US baby boomers into retirement; and
  • The UK ‘savings gap’ and ageing population in need of returns and income.

Balanced metrics and disclosures

We aim to have clarity and consistency internally and externally in the performance indicators that drive our businesses. Alongside this we develop our financial disclosures to enable our external stakeholders to fairly assess our long-term performance. We have three objectives:

  • To demonstrate how we generate profits under the different accounting regimes; for example, in the IFRS sources of earnings disclosures within the Chief Financial Officer’s report;
  • To show how we think about capital allocation via a number of metrics that highlight the returns we generate on capital invested in new business, including internal rates of return, payback periods and new business profitability; and
  • To highlight the cash generation of our business, which over time is the ultimate measure of performance.

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