Nomination Committee report

‘Maintaining the right balance of skills
and knowledge is key to achieving the
Group’s strategic objectives and the
Committee focussed on these in
considering new appointments to
the Board.’

Paul Manduca
Chairman of the Nomination Committee


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Director Meetings attended
Number of meetings held 4
Paul Manduca (Chairman) 4
Howard Davies 4
Ann Godbehere 4
Philip Remnant (appointed 1 January 2013) 4
Lord Turnbull 4

Biographical details of the members can be found in the Board of directors.

Role and responsibilities of the Committee

The purpose of the Committee is to assist the Board in ensuring that it maintains the appropriate balance of skills, knowledge and diversity to support the Group’s strategic objectives, and that a clear and transparent appointment process for directors is in place.

The principal responsibilities of the Committee are to:

  • Review the size, structure and composition of the Board, including the skills, knowledge, experience and diversity of Board members, and make recommendations to the Board with regard to changes;
  • Identify and nominate candidates for appointment to the Board, based on merit and against objective criteria;
  • Make recommendations to the membership of the Audit, Risk, Remuneration and Nomination Committees in consultation with the Chairmen of those committees;
  • Consider and, where necessary, authorise any actual or potential situational conflicts arising out of a proposed new appointment, changes in the circumstances of an existing appointment or those of a director’s connected person; and
  • Develop, where appropriate, and periodically review, any objectives established for the implementation of diversity on the Board and monitor progress toward the achievements of those objectives.


The Committee met on four occasions during the year.

The Group Chief Executive is closely involved in the work of the Committee and was invited to attend and contribute to meetings. The Group HR Director was also invited to attend meetings.

How the Committee discharged its responsibilities in 2013

During the year, the Committee undertook the following work:

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Board composition

The Committee reviewed the composition of the Board and, in particular, the non-executive directors, to ensure that the balance of skills, experience and knowledge continued to be appropriate for the Group’s business to meet the strategic objectives. The Committee also considered whether any additional skills and experience would be needed, either to complement those already on the Board, or to plan for filling vacancies due to the future retirement of non-executive directors.

Succession planning

The Committee reviewed the succession plans for both executive and non-executive appointments to the Board, taking into account the strategic objectives of the Group and the future retirement of directors, as well as the level of diversity desirable for a Group with such a global reach. Further information on the diversity of the Board can be found in the Corporate governance report. The process included consideration of the anticipated demands of the business and the skills and knowledge required to successfully deliver against these.

Appointment of directors

Two new non-executive directors and one executive director were appointed during the course of the year.

The Committee initiated the recruitment process for two non-executive directors to replace Keki Dadiseth and Michael Garrett who retired in 2013, and made recommendations to the Board on the appointment of Alice Schroeder and Anthony Nightingale (details of the process are set out in the box below). Korn Ferry Whitehead Mann and Ridgeway Partners were appointed to assist in the searches leading to the appointment of Alice Schroeder and Anthony Nightingale respectively. Neither of the search consultancies used in the process undertook any other significant work for Prudential.

With the assistance of Egon Zehnder, the Committee also led the search process for the appointment of Jackie Hunt as Chief Executive, Prudential UK & Europe. Egon Zehnder assisted Prudential in finding candidates for a number of executive positions below Board level during the course of the year.

Appointment of non-executive directors

Alice Schroeder and Anthony Nightingale were appointed as non-executive directors during the course of the year, following the scheduled retirement of Keki Dadiseth and Michael Garrett as part of the continuous refreshment of the Board.

The Committee evaluated the skills and knowledge required in order to ensure the Board was appropriately balanced to meet the needs of the Group and agreed role specifications setting out the key attributes expected in the successful candidates.

The search consultancies shared with the Nomination Committee a long list of potential non-executive directors. The Committee reviewed the potential candidates provided by Korn Ferry Whitehead Mann and Ridgeway Partners, agreeing a shortlist of individuals meeting the key skills, knowledge and personal attributes, as identified by the Committee. The Committee members and Group Chief Executive then met with the identified candidates, further evaluating them against the needs of the business and the Board.

The Committee gave consideration to the external commitments of the candidates to ensure they could dedicate sufficient time to meet the demands of the role and that they were suitably independent of the Group to fulfil the role of a non-executive director. On completion of the process, the Committee agreed to recommend Alice Schroeder and Anthony Nightingale to the Board for appointment.

Conflicts of interest and independence

The Board has delegated authority to the Committee to consider, and where necessary authorise, any actual or potential conflicts of interest arising in respect of the directors. The Committee considered potential conflicts of interest as they arose during the course of the year and in respect of the appointments of new directors.

The Committee also supports the Board in its annual consideration of the Conflicts of Interest Register, which is carried out prior to the publication of the Annual Report, and considers the independence of the non-executive directors, in the context of the criteria set out in the UK and HK Codes.

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